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in import and export.

Shanghai Zhongjing Industrial is mainly engaged in grinding material, refractory matter, cleaning and other consumables sales.

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Shanghai Zhongjing Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2021, located in Fengxian Economic Development District, Shanghai, China, is a commercial company mainly engaged in import and export.


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Shanghai Zhongjing Industrial is mainly engaged in grinding material, refractory matter, cleaning and other consumables sales. Products cover surface treatment Tumbling abrasive, abrasive blasting abrasives, grinding and polishing sandpaper, Sanding belts, grinding wheel, polishing cloth wheel, polishing wax, polishing slurry, Cerium oxide polishing powder and related grinding additives. Dedicated to metal, plastic, semiconductor, optical glass, ceramics and other related fields of surface treatment and cleaning related process solutions.

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Shanghai Zhongjing Industrial has relevant industry technology developers, in addition to standard product, but also provide OEM service, according to the requirements of the development, customization of suitable products or specifications to meet customer and market demand.
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Unsaturated resin and grinding powder curing molding, according to the application of different products, adding different abrasives, can be different of service life and machinability.

Applicability: vibration grinding machine, centrifugal grinding machine, vortex grinding machine, drum grinding machine

High quality calcined aluminum oxide powder, zirconia and ceramic bond rolling molding, high temperature sintering.

Applicability: Used for the medium and fine polishing of metal parts, the matching grinding auxiliary effect is better

Ceramic sandblasting medium (ceramic sand, ceramic shot or referred to as sandblasting or shot blasting), widely used in stainless steel, carbon steel. Aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, magnesium alloy, brass and plastic parts surface treatment, can be dry sandblasting or wet sandblasting

a, sand uniformity, the use of electrostatic sand planting process, not easy to drop sand
b, anti-blocking coating, sandpaper to add a unique anti-blocking coating, so that the surface abrasion more delicate
c, strong willfulness, tear resistance, high fit, not easy to curl, long life
d, can be used with optical disc polishing

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