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Resin or Ceramic Tumbling Abrasive

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Resin or Ceramic Tumbling Abrasive Media Supplier 

Shanghai Zhongjing Industrial Co., Ltd. is a Chinese company headquartered in the Fengxian Economic Development District of Shanghai, China. It was founded in 2021. Activities related to import and export are the company’s primary areas of focus.

Shanghai Zhongjing Industrial at Resin or ceramic tumbling abrasive media is the largest industrial supplier of grinding materials and experts in cleaning supplies, refractory materials, grinding materials, and other consumables. Also, they have tumblers for surface polishing, abrasives for abrasive blasting, belts for sanding, sandpaper for polishing and grinding, grinding wheels, polishing cloth wheels, polishing slurry, ceria oxide polishing powder, and related grinding additives in their product range. Also, their primary focus lies in providing solutions for surface treatment and cleaning operations in a range of sectors, such as plastics, metallurgy, semiconductors, optical glass, ceramics, and other related disciplines.

Best Resin or Ceramic Tumbling Abrasive Media 

Surface treatment abrasives and sandpaper a handy tools used in many jobs. Also, it’s like rough paper with bits of grit on it. So, People use it to make things smoother or take off old paint. For instance, in woodworking, it helps make wood nice and smooth. It’s also used in cars to fix dents and make them look good again. At home, you can use it to get walls ready for a fresh coat of paint. People even use it for hobbies and crafts, like smoothing out model parts. According to Resin or ceramic tumbling abrasive media, there are different types of sandpaper for different jobs. Just pick the right one and start sanding!

Types of Sandpaper

Ideal for polishing automobile surfaces and metals. Also, it is made with silicon carbide grain, which holds its edge during the sanding process. Outstanding pliability of the wet substance.

240 grit is a popular option among DIY project lovers. Also, it is used in between coats to help assure a flawless finish by smoothing the previous paint layer in preparation for the next.


Which one is better for delicate parts?
Resin tumbling abrasives are better for delicate or sensitive parts because they are gentler and less abrasive than ceramic media.
Which one is more durable?
Ceramic tumbling abrasives are more durable and have a longer lifespan compared to resin abrasives, making them ideal for heavy and prolonged use.
Can I use both types of abrasives in the same tumbling process?
Yes, you can mix resin and ceramic abrasives in the same process to achieve a balance of polishing and abrasive action, depending on your specific needs.
Are these abrasives reusable?
Both resin and ceramic tumbling abrasives are generally reusable, as long as they are not excessively worn or contaminated.
Which abrasive is better for achieving a high polish on metal parts?
Ceramic tumbling abrasives are more effective at achieving a high polish on metal parts due to their hardness and abrasive properties.