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Sandblasting Abrasive

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Sandblasting Media For Abrasive Blasting

Shanghai Zhongjing Industrial Co., Ltd. is a Chinese Sandblasting Abrasive suppliers headquartered in the Fengxian Economic Development District of Shanghai, China. It was founded in 2021. Activities related to import and export are the company’s primary areas of focus.
Shanghai Zhongjing Industrial is the largest industrial supplier of grinding materials. And they are experts in cleaning supplies, refractory materials, grinding materials, and other consumables. They have tumblers for surface polishing and abrasives for abrasive blasting. As well as belts for sanding, and sandpaper for polishing and grinding. They also use it for grinding wheels, polishing cloth wheels, polishing slurry, ceria oxide polishing powder, and related grinding. Their primary focus lies in providing solutions for surface treatment and cleaning operations in a range of sectors, such as plastics, metallurgy, semiconductors, optical glass, ceramics, and other related disciplines.

Leading Sandblasting Abrasive Suppliers

Industrial Scotch-Brite is a kind of thing that can make other things clean, smooth, or ready for other things in different places where people work. Scotch-Brite is a name of things that can do this, made by 3M. Also, they have many kinds of things that can do this, like pads, discs, belts, wheels, and more. These things are good for jobs like removing edges, dirt, and rust and making the surface better on different things, like metal, wood, plastic, and composites.

Scotch-brite things are good for many jobs and places like resin or ceramic tumbling abrasive media where people work. They are usually made of nylon or other fibers that have hard bits in them, making them strong and lasting. However, the kind of Scotch-Brite thing can be different depending on the job. Such as from hard grinding and cleaning to soft finishing and polishing.

Experts use industrial Scotch-Brite in many places where they work. Such as making things, working with metal or wood, or fixing cars or planes. They use abrasive to fix problems. Make the surface look or feel a certain way, and prepare it for other things like painting or coating.


What is a sandblasting abrasive?
A sandblasting abrasive is a material used in the process of sandblasting to remove paint, rust, and other surface contaminants.
What are the common types of sandblasting abrasives?
Common types include sand, aluminum oxide, garnet, glass beads, and steel shot.
Why is the choice of abrasive important?
The choice of abrasive impacts the quality of the surface finish, the speed of the process, and the equipment’s wear and tear.
Are sandblasting abrasives reusable?
Some abrasives can be reused if they are not significantly degraded during the blasting process.
How do I determine the right abrasive for my project?
Factors like the surface material, desired finish, and the equipment being used are essential in making the right choice.