Flocked Polyester Sandpaper

Abrasive: Ceramic abrasive
Application: automotive surface, wood processing, metal polishing and other scenarios
Particle size : 80#–2000#
Packing: 100-500PCS/ box or as required
Price: FOB(shanghai port-China)$0.14/PCS- $0.8/PCS


Code: ZHJF20230701-D
a. Strong cutting force, high efficiency and wear resistance, durable life
b, anti-blocking coating, so that the surface abrasion more delicate
c, dry grinding, wet grinding can be applied, polyester film material, not easy to deformation, good water resistance
d, can be used with optical disc polishing
Size: 3-6 inches, 5 inches 6 holes, 6 inches 8 holes, 6 inches 17 holes, special


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