Microbead Sandblasting Abrasive Or Zirconia Sand

Specification parameter:

specification Particle size


specification Particle size


B20 0.6—0.85mm B100 0.09-0.15um
B30 0.425-0.6mm B120 0.063-0.125mm
B40 0.25-0.425mm B170 0.045-0.09mm
B60 0.125-0.25mm B205 0.0-0.063mm
B80 0.18-0.25mm B505 0.01-0.030mm

Packing : 25kg/ barrel or as required
Price: FOB(shanghai port- China)$12/kg—$25/kg


Code: ZHJM20230701-A
Description: Microscopic spherical or elliptical, melting process
Application: Metal material surface sandblasting burring, oxidation layer, rust removal and beautifying gold, jewelry precious metal extinction or atomization, while increasing the surface strength of the workpiece, product hardness, long life, good elasticity, very suitable for complex structural parts processing, can be recycled

Technical index:

Specific gravity 3.85g/cm3
Mohs hardness Level 7
Ingredient ZrO2:60-70% SiO2 :28-33% Other:1%
Packing density 2.36g/L
Rockwell hardness 60HRC


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